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   Your house is an investment and painting is a cost-effective option that gives every house it's uniqueness. It not only increases the value of the property but provides maintenance and protection from natural wear & tears by the strains of everyday traffic. All services rendered can be structured to your specifications. Chavarria Painting Group LLC has over eight years of experience in residential painting. Our team and painters are always producing and executing to the highest of standards. We aim to make this a comfortable and stress-free process for all clients.


   Chavarria Painting Group, LLC offers competitive rates, we use only high-quality products that are durable and long-lasting ( we're partnered with familiar brands such as Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore ), so your new paint will stay fresh for years. Our craftsmen are very detailed, we'll thoroughly prep every work area so nothing is damaged then follow up by repairing and discrepancy on the walls, ensuring a fine & evenly distributed finish. 

  Our painters can provide faux finishes & all color schemes including analogous, complementary, monochromatic, split complementary, triadic & tetradic.

Interior Painting Company, Chavarria Painting Group
Chavarria Painting Group


The proper setup & preparation is a key major component of our process. We properly prepare ourselves and the work area adequately to prevent unnecessary damage. This allows us to thoroughly inspect your property to fix, & smoothen all discrepancies on your walls & ceilings. From covering furniture, appliances & floor, too taping necessarily to get the perfect line, we"ll get it done!

Chavarria Paints


  • Baseboards

  • Brick

  • ​Cabinets

  • Ceilings

  • Chimney's

  • ​Crown Moldings

  • D​oor's

  • Railings

  • Stairwells

  • Trim

  • Walls

  • Wood

Chavarria Paints


Our painters are experts in finishing, we access the surface for the proper technique and finish, leaving the result marvelous. We know exactly what products to use for each specific surface of your home



   Chavarria Painting Group has one of the most developed & experienced Contractors in all of Richmond. With years of contractually working with real estate developers, over time he has helped to develop and structure the prosperous city that we know and love today. All throughout Central Virginia,  we now provide additional services including:

- Cabinet Refurbishing

- Drywall Installation/Repair

- Framing & Carpentry (Interior, full remodels, or small scale designs)

Tile Installation

- Wallpaper removal.